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  • Dear son…

    Hey kid Majid,
    I know it is weird ,
    But you must be well geared
    for this life
    till the last bid.

    I can see a fine man in you.
    In the near future.
    But son, be true
    to you
    and everyone.

    Son, focus on the positive
    and to everyone, be appreciative
    Treat them well with love.
    Be faithful to the Lord-
    You will never get stuck.

    You will meet temptations and failing.
    It’s what the devil does for a living!
    But have faith son,
    Because no one is perfect.
    Just be humble and earn respect.

    Lastly, count your blessings.
    Live the best life you can.
    Hurt no one.
    And call your mom daily.
    She is your guardian angel.
    I love you son.


    Hey, beloved sister!
    It’s me again, your little brother.
    I’m doing so well,
    Just in case you are thinking of me.
    I know you are.

    You know today is your day, right?
    Yes, it’s your birthday!
    I knew you wouldn’t forget that.
    Today I celebrate you.
    Oh! A blessed life you lived!

    I know you wish to be here.
    Trust me, I do too.
    So much.
    But the big C took you from me.
    Too soon, I must stay.

    Let me put this bad vibe aside,
    my mother’s sweet child.
    Because today should be beautiful
    Just like you-
    Pure beauty and freshness.

    Today, I just want to say,
    I’m thankful for you everyday
    because you are my blessing
    and joy in every way.
    Happy birthday gorgeous!

    As I lay this bouquet
    on this reddish impervious clay,
    I hope and pray
    that happiness be yours

    For all those of you who have a lost a loved one to Cancer or those battling it, I pray that God gives you strength and determination to battle it. It’s about focusing on the fight not the fright. MUCH LOVE ❤


    Hello beloved sister!
    It’s been long since you left.
    Really long I must say.
    I miss you so much.
    Mom does too, so much
    Though she doesn’t say it.

    Living has become a nightmare,
    for her since that day.
    We’ve tried yoga with her,
    We’ve tried meditation with her,
    Taken her for evening walks,
    But in vain.

    You’ve left a void in our life
    Mom seems to be losing lately
    But she taught me to be tough
    Since then I’ve created this character
    that you will never see his pain.
    This me is happy or at least trying.

    It’s like I’m living two lives.
    One for the public obviously
    and one just for me late at night.
    I hate the latter version because
    it’s just lonely and unbearable.
    It really is.

    You know what beloved?
    Can’t wait to talk to you
    on your birthday!
    Bye beloved!!!

  • Be mine today…

    Be mine today,

    Because none of us knows of tomorrow,

    Maybe this world would change you,

    Maybe I would change too or,

    My heart may not remain the same…

    Our paths might diverge,

    As we keep walking the path of life,

    But I’ll still love this you,

    And cherish this you,

    Because for me you are necessary,

    And not an accessory.

    With you I feel golden,

    So please be around often,

    Or I might go mentally crazy.

    Oh peace

    Be mine today…

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